SYSDBA strives toward transformation in the South African market place and an equal commitment to long term sustainable BBBE within the organisation. Women empowerment has always been a core focus area of the business and in 2018 a SYSDBA Black Women Employee Trust was established. The aim of the trust is to provide economic benefit to the black women employees of the company, thereby enriching and uplifting their lives.

Our staff compliment consists of a diverse range of ethnic groups, communities, skills and educational levels. To address the shortfall of black professionals in the IT environment, part of the recruitment strategy of the company is to give bursaries to black individuals and to hire them upon completion of their educational qualification. This strategy has proven to be successful as many young black people have gained valuable workplace experience in the IT environment and SYSDBA has benefited by having talented young black professionals now as part of their staff compliment.

Our procurement policy ensures that preference is given to small black-owned companies for all purchases and preferential credit terms are given to them to assist them in maintaining a positive cash flow.

SYSDBA also contributes toward the Inyosi Enterprise and Supplier Development ICT initiative. This initiative forms part of specialist portfolios which provide black-owned IT companies with critical access to funding, marketing and skills.

Economic transformation and upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities will continue to remain part of SYSDBA core values.



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