At SYSDBA, we are extremely proud of the high level of service we provide to our clients. A customer will always prefer a customised, personalised solution, and that’s exactly what we provide.

As each team member is thoroughly trained in every solution we offer, our staff are confident and extremely competent in all that they do.

We like to think that the fact that so many of the clients have been with us for over a decade speaks volumes about doing business with SYSDBA!

Pro-active Support 24/7

SYSDBA provides high-level mission-critical platforms with a skilled staff base located in South Africa.
Our enterprise customers throughout Africa benefit as we keep a wide range of spares, allowing us to provide efficient and speedy services levels.
We are just a phone call away 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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Deployment and Implementation Services

Our team of skilled consultants architect and implement our various products by providing a cohesive solution tailored to meet our customer’s unique requirements.
Each member of our team is fully certified to provide all of our solutions.

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Centralised Assisted Management Services

Many of our customers find managing their IT environments time-consuming, and at times, frustrating. In situations like these, SYSDBA provides staff members to be part of our customer’s virtual team.
We’ll assist in running areas of their virtual environment or just be available to lend a helping hand!

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Storage Performance Analysis and Remediation

Our consultants optimise a customer’s environment and do thorough performance assessments. By examining application server, database server, storage and network performance, we are able to identify the optimal course of action and provide our customers with a full analysis of what they require.
This will identify and remediate issues which are hampering peak performance and affecting the quality of infrastructure

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Data Centre Analytics and Transformation

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their data centre costs, and to achieve more efficient infrastructure. At SYSDBA, we understand that knowing how to utilise your data centre to its maximum efficacy can be both frustrating and complicated.
We have created a unique set of analytical tools to identify your actual requirements and to ensure that you are not overspecced.
We give a clear view of exactly what you need and implement these requirements quickly and efficiently.

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Datacentre and Infrastructure Relocation

A badly executed IT relocation can have a severe impact on companies in terms of damage to delicate electronic equipment, downtime and loss of earnings.
Whether you’re moving offices, or relocating within your existing environment, SYSDBA’s service team is experienced in undertaking such relocations, and always provides our customers with concise and clear updates of our progress.

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Design and Implementation of Physical or Virtual Infrastructures

Whether you’re setting up a physical or a virtual infrastructure, the SYSDBA service team will take care of every aspect of the process for you.
We begin with a complete assessment of your needs. Once we fully understand your requirements, we install the architecture for you, and provide complete after sales service on a 24/7 basis.
We never outsource any part of the process, so you are assured of dealing exclusively with our highly skilled SYSDBA specialists.

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Carbon black end point protection

Combing Carbon Black’s defence product with SYSDBA services, provides a complete end-to-end, next-generation endpoint protection platform.
Next generation AV and EDP provides a level of protection far beyond legacy anti-virus products, with no perceivable performance impact to the end-user experience.

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Security Service

Security is a big challenge facing most organisations today, the risk and cost of getting wrong can be damaging to anyone’s reputation.
Most business lack the skills, the time and expense required to implement security solutions can be daunting, often preventing anything being done at all.
SYSDBA offers a bespoke set of managed services, which can be rapidly deployed, paid for on a monthly basis enabling businesses to start cost-effectively addressing their security needs.

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Cyber security – powered by Alienvault

Deploying a traditional SOC/SIEM solution can take up to 2 years. Alienvault USM, is a cloud-based platform that is easily implemented providing broad security functionality from asset discovery, vulnerability assessments, Log management to compliance reporting.
Alienvault and SYSDBA security services is the answer for organisations struggling to cope with the complexity of security.

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SYSDBA is proudly a certified MEDITECH systems integrator for Africa and the UK

SYSDBA, a leading provider of datacentre infrastructure, has been certified as the only MEDITECH systems integrator for Africa and the United Kingdom, providing equipment and services that optimize implementation of MEDITECH software to hospital groups and health provider networks.

MEDITECH is one of the world’s leading and most innovative electronic healthcare records (EHR) companies. Established in Boston, Massachusetts, nearly 50 years ago, it opened its South African operation in 1982, providing software which allows clinicians across all areas to access patient records efficiently. In collaboration with leading vendors to create proven, integrated, technical healthcare solutions for its customers, MEDITECH incorporates clinical, financial, departmental and operational information into its EHR and so enables healthcare organizations to keep both their patients and businesses healthy.

Locally, MEDITECH South Africa works with numerous hospitals, clinics, blood banks and laboratories across the region, Africa and the Middle East. Recently MEDITECH established its own presence in the United Kingdom, incorporating MEDITECH UK in 2017.

Charlotte Jackson, CEO MEDITECH Holdings, explains that the company established its dominance in sub-Saharan Africa’s connected healthcare space by rolling out its comprehensive inter-operable electronic health record platform. “Our ability to tailor our products to address the region’s infrastructure and resource challenges has won us a wide customer base and significant annual growth rates. Importantly, our products have positioned sub-Saharan Africa to better combat non-communicable diseases, enabling medical practitioners to deliver higher quality service to patients and facilitate improved communication between healthcare entities,” she says.

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